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  • Oct
    Original source: https://s3.amazonaws.com/coursestorm/live/media/d1520f09aae811e88ea30e92b056efc0

    Cooking – The Taste of West Africa 10.22.19

    Come enjoy the taste of Africa with a Togolese feast! The West African country of Togo has been influenced by many cultures, including French, Italian and German, as well as its own. Join chef, teacher and musician Jordan Benisson for a journey into the culture and foods of Togo. You’ll make dishes such as Gari […]

  • Oct
    Image uploaded by Five Town CSD Adult & Community Education

    Carving Signs

    This class is for beginners in wooden sign carving. You will learn the art of designing and carving hand-carved signs of two types – relief and incised – creating a name or house number on pine. At the first class, we will discuss what tools you need and how to use them. The materials fee […]

  • Oct
    Original source: https://s3.amazonaws.com/coursestorm/live/media/ae4f5d7cabd411e88ea30e92b056efc0

    Pies 10.24.19

    We will start with making a quiche then get that into the over. Then each participant will choose which type of pie they would like to make – pumpkin, apple, chocolate cream, banana cream or custard. Once those pies are in the oven we will make a simple salad and enjoy our quiche! Bring a […]

  • Oct
    Original source: https://s3.amazonaws.com/coursestorm/live/media/d2e638d3af2811e9a6ea06c679041f64

    American Sign Language I

    NOTE: Date change from the brochure. American Sign Language is one of the most used languages in the U.S. It is a visual language with its own grammar, gestures, and syntax. American Sign Language can help you communicate better in a new way, using your eyes and hands. In addition, if you need to know […]

  • Oct
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    American Sign Language II

    NOTE: Date change from the brochure. This intermediate to advanced ASL course will build on the foundation of ASL 1 by adding vocabulary to increase conversation as well as grammar skills. We will look at the use of constrastive structure, how to ask questions, tell time and sign with numbers. Vocabulary topics will be based […]

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