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    Math Lab

    The Math Lab is designed to help students working in any area of math, from the basics to algebra and geometry.  Whether you are pursuing a diploma, HiSET, or need math for transition to college or certificate training, the instructor will work with students at their own levels and their own pace, either individually or […]

  • Sep
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    Machine Sewing For Intermediate Beginners

    You will learn how to use and maintain a sewing machine, including troubleshooting tips. By the end of class you will have made a table runner, zippered pouch, a pillowcase with French seams and a quick and easy tote. Our goal is to finish one project a week Sewing machines are available for use or […]

  • Sep
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    Carving the American Kestrel

    This bird, the smallest of the falcons, is a beautiful and colorful addition to any collection. It is carved on its own base, which may be carved as either a piece of driftwood or a rock. This class can accommodate the intermediate or experienced carver. Students should bring a minimum of a straight carving chisel, […]

  • Sep
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    CPR/AED/ Standard First Aid for Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers

    This program ensures that individuals with a duty to respond (public safety professionals, healthcare providers, and others with a duty to respond) have the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies. The course emphasizes active, hands-on learning and uses scenario-based activities to help participants learn how to provide one rescuer and […]

  • Sep
    Image uploaded by Five Town CSD Adult & Community Education

    3 Minutes a Day for 30 Days Can Change Your Life

    Spiritual growth doesn’t require you to become a hermit or to change your life completely. But it does require commitment to a simple daily practice. Simple means a minimum of just 3 minutes each day. In our often hectic world of constant demands, are you wondering how you could ever add another commitment to your […]

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