We have moved many of our live, face-to-face classes to the American Legion Hall at 91 Pearl St. in Camden. The information is included for every class scheduled there.  Some classes have new dates, please check when signing up.

Read our Covid-19 safety protocols here.

Learn to Zoom!

Check back for another session of our popular class on learning how to use Zoom, the popular app for many classes and presentations.  


Learning in so many ways - in-person, online, outdoors, via Zoom and more! Don't stop learning no matter what,

We offer many opportunities to overcome obstacles to your getting an education and a good job, please contact us at 236-7800, ext. 5, or adulted@fivetowns.net.

Our Instructors

We have many wonderful and interesting instructors teaching for us.  Check them out on our instructor pages, then look for one of the classes they teach!

We are always looking for other topics to offer, check our list of classes we’d love to have.

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Our latest brochure - now including direct links to classes on Coursestorm.

Did you know we were the first adult ed program in Maine? It all began here!

Important information

We in Adult and Community Education are going to continue being proactive to protect the safety and health of all our adult ed participants. Please read the attached document before entering the building where any of our classes are located.  The instructions for a required wellness check are included.


If you need to cancel your registration you will need to call or email us. The policy for refunds is here.

Due to Covid-19 policies released after the brochure was published, many classes were cancelled, moved to Zoom, or moved to the Legion Hall in Camden.  In general, all classes scheduled for the woodshop or metal shop and all cooking classes have been cancelled.

Be sure to check all information on the class you are interested in before you sign up.

If you are having trouble remembering your password to register for courses and need to reset it, here are the instructions:

Student Instructions to Reset Password:

1) Navigate to the “Log-In” link in the upper right corner of the page.  
2) Click the Log-In link, then click Forgot Password.
3) In the pop-up window, enter your email address, as you did previously.  This will generate a new password reset code for you.
4) A new pop-up window will appear, titled “Check your email”.  IMPORTANT:  Do not close this window! This is the window where you will need to enter the 6-digit code.
5) Check your email in a new window or tab, to obtain the 6 digit code.
6) Go back to the “Check Your Email” pop-up box in your original window and enter the 6 digit code and click the “Verify Code” button.
7) You will now be prompted to choose a new password.

If that still doesn’t help you, you can contact us at 236-7800, option 5 during our business hours.

Most of our classes receive a senior discount of 25% off the registration fee.  This does not include any extra materials fees noted as being paid to the instructor.  Classes that qualify for this discount are noted with SR next to the fee in the catalog.  In order to receive the senior discount, you must be 65 or older and either call in or mail in your registration.

Cancellations due to weather are often hard to call.  We hate canceling classes because it causes a lot of chaos in the schedule – rescheduling a canceled class affects future classes in general, the schedule of the students, and often also results in bumping up other classes of affected instructors. Given that, our policy is:

  • We will hold classes if day school cancels but the weather for evening classes is expected to be good.
  • We will cancel classes if day school does not cancel but the evening weather is expected to be poor.
  • We generally make a decision by 3 PM but it can be made as early as the day before if a major storm is expected.
  • Barring power or internet outages, we will always post a notice on our website whether classes are on or canceled. The notices which appear on Village Soup are less reliable because they are for the school district and not just adult ed.
  • We make every effort to call and/or email both students and instructors when we do cancel. Since this can often be in the middle of the day please try to give us your daytime number when signing up, and remember to check our website if you have not received a call.

Check our our many online opportunities for learning - take a class anywhere, anytime!